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60 Minute Core Synchronism Treatment

90 Minute  Core Synchronism Treatment

All treatments are integrated using mainly Core Synchronism, with aspects of Polarity Therapy, and Reflexology. Every session is customized based on your body's current needs and energetics. 


What is Core Synchronism


Core Synchronism is a mechanical system of hand medicine designed to assist the organism in finding balance, which results in activating the individual's self healing ability.  


How does it work


In the Core Synchronism model, the human organism is comprised of the mental/emotional, etheric and physical bodies and is animated by the core current.

Pain is the result of a body part (mental/emotional, etheric, physical) being out of sync with the core current and cerebral spinal fluid. Disharmonious motion causes friction that produces inflammation, which then results in pain or discomfort.

By re-establishing synchronistic balance with the core current, cerebral spinal fluid and the dis-synchronistic body part, harmony is restored to the organism thus breaking the pain-discomfort cycle. This is achieved through palpation and focused intent. 


What is a treatment Like


During a core treatment the client lies comfortably on the table, and remains clothed.

A person receiving treatment will feel the gentle touch of a practitioner’s hands on various parts of the body including the head, feet, and areas related to the locations of pain and discomfort.

There are no contraindications for treatments, including acute and chronic illnesses.

As a result of improved mechanical balance and relaxation, acute healing may be expressed as agitation or other symptoms of discomfort. This is a positive direction that may ultimately result in improvement on all levels.

The individual’s response and the core therapist will determine how often a person receives treatments.  Core synchronism is a system that views inflammation and pain as mechanical dis-synchronistic phenomena. In some cases the pain cycle may break in a single session. In other cases solving the mechanical mystery of pain and discomfort may take much longer.


what is an acute


From a Nature Cure and Natural Therapeutics perspective, an acute is the body’s natural process to bring about a cleansing. It is a healing opportunity.

For the practitioner, the goal of a Core Synchronism treatment is to create an internal environment in the body where everything (bones, muscle, fascia, organs, nervous system, brain, energetics) is completely in sync with the cerebral spinal fluid and the core current (the life force intelligence).

Trauma or mechanical misalignment can be caused from an injury or accident, stress, environmental factors, emotional and/or physical abuse, etc. When a pattern of trauma or misalignment in the skeletal, nervous, brain, organ or energetic system has been corrected, the body responds through the acute process. This is when the life force intelligence of the body increases to bring about a "cleansing" as the dis-synchronistic movement pattern is corrected and proper mechanics are re-established. 

Acutes denote a certain intensity and are of a short duration. They can present (to name a few) as a fever, a skin rash/boil, headaches, an increase of existing symptoms, irritability, and/or an emotional release. Even though acutes can be uncomfortable, they seem to be a necessary part of the human body’s attempt and desire to establish a balanced and neutral state of health.

Most acutes last 12-24 hours, but some may last longer. 

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